American Beverage Marketers – Master Of Mixes

Flowdesign’s brand makeover of Master of Mixes is a good example of the rewards that can be obtained. Master of Mixes owns a premium heritage dating back to the 1950’s and serves as American Beverage Marketers primary retail brand. The owners hired Flowdesign to give the brand’s “1970’s” styling a makeover. The goal of the redesign was to give the brand a more upscale contemporary look while not losing its current brand identity. The new updated look provides each cocktail flavor with its own unique identity with custom painted cocktails complete with floating garnish on a clear pressure sensitive label. The combination of gold foil hot stamp applied to clear film substrate provides a unique graphical platform on which to place the cocktail renderings. The textured swirl incorporated into the surface of each cocktail and molded into the shoulder of every bottle re-enforces the brand’s visual theme.

This dynamic new look with its contemporary colorful renderings and customized bottle design presents distinguished shelf presence that makes it stand out from its competitors using the same stock bottle. The product line was designed both one liter glass bottles and 1.75 PET bottles.

Master of Mixes saw a 30% increase in sales after its first year of the makeover.