American Barrels is described as an element steeped in American Tradition. The rattlesnake, a symbol of American independence which dates back to the American Revolution, coils around the tailored, shotgun shell-shaped bottle. The bottom of the bottle is finished off with a custom-adhered base representing the copper casing of a shotgun shell. The closure is a wood bar-top cork and the neck is wrapped with a beautiful real hemp rope. The etched glass, stressed-looking metal and the dog tag that hangs around the neck of the bottle is something that many people won’t be able to pass up.


American Barrels started selling its patriotic-fueled bourbon whiskey in August of 2014. Crafted in Charleston, S.C., it’s filtered through a distinctive, post-barrel, ultrasonic refinement process. Since its release, sales have grown dramatically and it can currently be found on shelves in Florida, Tennessee and Massachusetts.