Brand  Identity is one of the most important elements for your product’s success.

Logo Identity

A logo identity is a visual representation of a brand’s essential attributes. A successful identity isn’t just the physical logo mark, but should be representative of the character of the brand in any application. Whether updating an existing brand, establishing a sub-brand, or creating an entirely new brand, our goal at Flowdesign is to create an identity that resonates with the consumer and is positively reinforced every time they see it.



Structural Identity

A custom shape blended with brand graphics increases the uniqueness and brand identity of your product. Flowdesign is a successful, award winning branding firm in structural design. Our knowledge of structural design, materials, engineering, costs, ergonomics and consumer appeal has allowed Flowdesign to develop successful brands such as SoBe beverages, Stoli Elit, Pama Liquor and many more.