Choosing the best vendor partners can be a crucial part of your products success. Quality, costs, flexibility and timing can all play an important role. We have twenty plus years forming relationships with the right vendors to provide to our clients.

Distillers, Flavor Houses and Bottlers

Whether you introduce a completely unique product, or a version of another product, such as “vodka,” if you intend to generate repeat purchases, you must provide a quality product relative to the price you seek. Hence, the greatest design on the shelf will lure first time buyers, but if you do not give them quality commensurate with price, they will quickly become last time buyers. There are many high-quality flavor houses and distillers that work with start-up brands that can offer a variety of blends that can be tested with potential consumers prior to production. We’ll help you find the right partner for your brand.


Flowdesign Consulting Services

  • Provide help locating high-quality distillers, bottlers and product formulators for all liquor and beverage needs.

Packaging Manufacturers (Labels, Bottles, Boxes etc.)

Finding the right partner for sourcing your product packaging can be time consuming and in some cases very costly. Pricing and quality differs greatly from vendor to vendor. Flowdesign has over 20 years experience working with multiple packaging suppliers in various categories. Our connections allow us to use your budget efficiently resulting in the optimum packaging impact and profit returns.


Flowdesign Consulting Services

  • Package Vendor Consulting and Sourcing
  • Stock and Custom Bottles
  • Labels, Pressure Sensitive, ACL, etc.
  • Stock and Custom Caps
  • Stock and Custom Boxes
  • Bottle Labeling & Decorating
  • Prototype Development