Working with co-founders Travis Hasse (founder of Travis Hasse Distilling Co.), spirits veteran Tom Maas (founder of “Agave Loco” and “RumChata”) and his son Nick Brady Maas, our goal was to develop Dancing Goat Distillery as “a house of brands, not a branded house”. The first step in the process was creating a unique goat icon to be used for the distillery itself and for all future products. Secondly, we developed packaging for their flagship whiskey brand “Limousin Rye”. This whiskey is uniquely aged using innovative barreling techniques that utilize three different types of vintage and new oak. The final aging is done in oak barrels from the historical Limousin region of France for flavor and body. Our process included developing a custom shaped bottle and designing a clean, simple, 2 tier paper label system. The custom glass bottle shape is a mix of modern and traditional whiskey bottle shapes. It features an easily held bulb neck which transitions down to a broad shouldered, tapered flask bottle. The “Dancing Goat” icon is prominently embossed on the lower front of the bottle and the sides are embossed with the words “Dancing Goat”. The front labels use custom fonts and special printing techniques that not only elevate the brand, but gives the labels a unique look and tactile feel. The back label is a clear, pressure sensitive label utilizing only white ink to help mask it from the front view of the bottle. The detail of the neck is highlighted by using a clear, tamper-proof shrink sleeve over a brown, wooden, bar-top cork.


Dansing Goat Distillery’s is open for business in Cambridge WI for 2018 and are seeing early success with their flagship whiskey brand Limousin Rye!