New Holland Artisan Spirits, a veteran in the craft spirits category, redeveloped their family of brands. Over the course of 10 years, different products were designed at different times and brand consistency was lost along the way.

When approving their rebrand, Flowdesign considered not only the look of the packaging, but also the function and harmony of the brand line. First, when developing the two new bottle shapes, Flowdesign looked at bar-top cork and neck commonalities, custom glass embossing, and the overall bottle shape, featuring the same bottle taper and bulb neck. Other considerations were that the bottle be “bar friendly” with an ergonomic neck, rail-fitting diameter, and the ability to accept standard pourers. The embossing on the shoulders touts the year founded, followed by the New Holland name on the base. Embossed on the back of each bottle, Flowdesign crafted a custom windmill logo that harkens back to Holland, Michigan’s Dutch roots. Finally, each of the 12 labels, whether it be the bourbon, liqueur, rum, vodka, or gin, was redesigned to follow a more cohesive brand architecture by using common shapes, design element placement and utilizing New Holland’s signature copper color on the capsules. Having said that, each spirit exhibits its own individual personality through custom fonts, graphics, and pattern watermarks printed on the reverse sides of the front labels.


The roll out of the new branding in 2017 has seen positive sales results along with accolades from long-time consumers.