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(08/17) Flowdesign Extends Old Forge Distillery’s Family of Brands
(02/17) Flowdesign Rebrands New Holland Artisan Spirits Family of Brands
(02/17) Gruppo Campari has acquired most of the assets of Bulldog London Dry Gin
(11/16) Flowdesign helps brand St. Augustine Distillery’s new Florida Double Cask Bourbon
(08/16) Start-Up American Born Moonshine developed by Flowdesign is acquired by Millstone Brands LLC.
(06/16) Flowdesign develops flavor line extensions for WG Brewing Company
(05/16) Flowdesign develops Pure Southern ready-to-drink cocktails
(12/15) W.G. Brewing Co. Extends to Alcoholic Root Beer
(10/15) Two James Spirits Extends to Absinthe
(08/15) Beverage giant Constellation Brands invests in start-up Crafthouse Cocktails
(08/15) Flowdesign designs and brands Wild Ginger Beer
(05/15) Flowdesign redesigns Dominican ready-to-drink spirit
 Flowdesign develops Kist Sparkling waters
(02/15) Crafthouse Cocktails featured on the Steve Harvey show
(01/15) Made-in-America Liquor Company Celebrates the Pioneer Spirit – Fox News
(01/15) Brand Packaging Magazine Editor’s Choice Award
(11/14) Old Forge Distillery Moonshine
(10/14) Zodiac Vodka and Kacey Musgraves
(09/14) American Barrels Bourbon
(06/14) Fáilte Vodka
(01/14) American Born Moonshine
(01/14) Steps for Starting a Successful Liquor Brand
(08/13) Crafthouse Cocktails
(03/13) Pumpkin Face Cream Rum
(07/12) Introducing Blue Ice “G” Vodka
(07/12) Introducing Pumpkin Face Rum
(06/12) New product launch “FOU-DRÉ Ultra Premium Vodka”
(03/12) Oliver Winery Extends Sangria to White
(01/12) Blue Ice Vodka gets facelift
(09/11) Hood River Distillers Introduces “Pendleton 1910”
(08/11) Regional micro-distilled vodka sees early success “Buckeye Vodka”
(04/11) Godiva Seasonal Offerings
(03/11) New product launch “Cotton Candy Liqueur”
(01/11) Steps for Starting a Successful Beverage Brand
(01/11) Evamor launches its new brand design
(10/10) Start-up “Rock Saké” sees early success
(09/10) Oliver Winery Launches American Heritage Winery
(06/10) Hansen Beverage Launches Blue Sky Defense Shot
(05/10) PAMA Spirits introduces new custom patented bottle
(04/10) Godiva Chocolatier launches new line of specialy coffee
(10/09) Oliver Winery introduces line extension “Sangria Classic”
(08/09) Blue Ice Vodka introduces line extension “Organic Wheat Vodka”
(08/09) Peet’s introduces new ready-to-drink iced teas
(07/09) Synaura International Launches Avia
(07/08) Hansen Beverage Launches Vidration Vitamin Enhanced Water
(05/08) Flowdesign wins two Clear Choice Awards
(04/08) St. Julian Winery redesigns ST.J Brand
(02/08) Honest Tea Sells Stake to Coca-Cola
(01/08) Guardsman a division of Valspar gets a facelift
(11/07) New packaging program for Frank’s Redhot Beef Jerky
(09/07) XanGo Juice gets a Brand Redesign
(07/07) Oliver Winery’s new Harvest Flavors
(07/07) Mountain Valley redesigns plastic bottle line
(06/07) Honest Tea launches “Honest Kids”
(05/07) Original Limu goes custom with packaging
(04/07) Monster (hansen) Beverage launches “Ace Energy”
(04/07) Power in packaging design – with Catdaddy Carolina Moonshine
(04/07) Aqua Deco new ultra premium water
(03/07) Hansen Beverages new RTD natural real teas
(01/07) Glass Packaging Institute – Power in the packaging
(08/06) 70 year old Kar’s Nut Company goes through a “BRAND OVERHAUL”
(07/06) Spirits of the deep “Ocean Vodka”
(06/06) Midwest’s first ultra premium estate vodka “Divine Vodka”
(06/06) Blue Ice Vodka Stands Taller
(05/06) “Packaging World” Jim Beam Snack Designs
(01/06) “Shelf Impact” Mountain Valley Spring Water Retro Design
(09/05) Arcella Premium Brands’ New Redcliff Liqueur
(06/05) “Brand Packaging Magazine” Quality Offerings Draw Consumers to C-Stores
(06/05) “” Honest Tea Launches Honest Ade
(04/05) “Packaging World” Pioneer Meat Snacks Design
(06/04) “Food & Drug Packaging” Package of the Year Awards – Honest Tea
(11/04) “Packaging World” Blue Ice Vodka New Package Debut
(10/04) “Packaging World” Graphics for an organic tea bottle
(09/04) “Package Design Magazine” Flowdesign Inc. Creates Unique Bottle
(07/04) Honest Tea Launches Plastic Bottle
(07/04) “Packaging World” Xango New Custom Design
(01/04) “Packaging World” Royal Label Redesign for Oliver Winery
(10/03) “Packaging World” Pita-Perfect Design
(07/03) “Packaging Digest” Master of Mixes Redesign
(01/02) “Packaging World” Blue Ice vodka bottle lifts 21st Century’s spirits
(11/01) Morinda Tahitian Noni Juice
(01/01) “Packaging World” Zodiac Vodka. Which Vodka are You?