Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) Regulations

Flowdesign’s experience with government regulations for text sizes, colors, required information and submission of the proper files for approval helps clients speed to market and avoid costly changes.


Design Patent

Flowdesign has been involved in many bottle design patents. A design patent protects only the ornamental appearance of an invention, not its utilitarian features. A utility patent would protect the way an article is used and works. Your structural design would most likely use a design patent only, unless there was a specific unique functionality difference with the structure, which would then use a utility patent to protect it. Below are a few patents that Flowdesign has been involved in.


Flowdesign Consulting Services

  • Structural Design to Avoid Patent Infringement
  • Patent Drawings for USPTO Submissio

Trademark Your Name

The name of a product is the foundation of the entire brand image. Finding a name that is distinct and memorable while being legally available is challenging in today’s market. You do not have to register a trademark to use one or have legal claims (called common law rights), however, federal registration has several advantages including notice to the public of the ownership of the mark, a legal presumption of ownership nationwide, and the exclusive right to use the mark on or in connection with the goods or services. Common law rights arise from actual use of a mark. Generally, the first person to either use a mark in commerce or file an intent-to-use application with the USPTO has the ultimate right to the use and registration of a mark.
A drawing is a mandatory page that depicts the mark you want to register. It will be kept on record by the USPTO for any printing of the mark, including the registration certificate itself. Your drawing must illustrate the same trademark that is in any specimens. If you have already been using your trademark, show it the way you have been using it.


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  • Product Naming
  • Name Availability
  • Logo Mark Design and Drawing
  • Label Information Guidance
  • Label Submission Files to the TTB