Punati Corp. was founded in 1978 by Bernard Shandler. Ever since his days in the military, Mr. Shandler had been interested in ways to eliminate foul odors. After his retirement as a corporate attorney, he investigated alternatives to the fragrance cover-ups and the toxic brands that were on the market at the time. He started his own company and named it Punati, the Sanskrit word meaning “to purify.” The result was a pioneering achievement that produced a product that got to the root of bad odors by altering protein that odor-causing bacteria feed on. Instead of camouflaging the odors, this new “miracle product” reduced odors through “The Process of Elimination.” Punati is located in a Detroit suburb and its first customers were the “Big Three” automotive companies. Punati later decided to investigate the need for a consumer version of its industrial product line after an automotive engineer remarked that many employees were utilizing the product at home. Punati Senior Vice President Jeff Shandler, the founder’s son, was put in charge of research and development for the new consumer product.

Introduced in 1990, SMELLS BEGONE® brought “The Process of Elimination” to the home front. Homeowners discovered that they could use the product to eliminate unpleasant odors around the house. The odors from diaper pails, pets and smokers could be easily neutralized with a non-toxic, non-allergenic, biodegradable and environmentally safe product.

In the early 2000’s Punati utilized Flowdesign’s talents and packaging expertise to rebrand the SMELLS BEGONE® product due to increased competition.


Almost 2 decades after that first redesign, Flowdesign still handles all of the design and branding needs for Punati’s own brands as well as for their clients for whom they co-pack products.  Punati products can be found in most major outlets and continues to grow year after year in size and sales through great products and branding.