Stock Bottle VS Custom Bottle

At flowdesign we always try to encourage our clients to opt for a custom shaped container for their product. A custom shape blended with brand graphics can only increase the uniqueness and brand identity of your product. Some brands rely greatly on structure for brand identity. For example, products like Coca Cola, Absolut Vodka, and most recently Crystal Head Vodka are all structurally unique. In recent years the price for a custom mold has dropped dramatically due to the improved quality from Asia and other developing countries.


There are many high-quality stock containers available that can be ordered in lower quantities that do not require mold costs and minimum quantity production runs. The drawback to stock containers is that you may find the same bottle being used by a competitor. Thus it becomes more challenging for a consumer to differentiate your product from the others. The below image illustrates companies utilizing an overused stock bottle. A professional design firm with knowledge in the spirits industry knows design techniques like spray coatings, acid etching, color and font usage, label materials, custom capsules, or cartouches that can be useful helping your product standout while using a stock bottle.


Flowdesign’s Structural Expertise

Flowdesign has won more bottle structural design awards than any other package design firm in the United States. Our knowledge of structural design, materials, engineering, costs, ergonomics and consumer apeal has allowed Flowdesign to develop successful brands such as SoBe beverages, Stoli Elit, Pama Liquor and many more.

Flowdesign Consulting Services

  • Stock Bottle Consulting and Sourcing
  • Structural Design and Engineering
  • Prototype Development
  • Brand Graphics and Bottle Deco Design
  • Custom Cap Design and Engineering
  • Custom Gift Box and Carton Design
  • Package Vendor Consulting and Sourcing

Structural Example: Pumpkin Face Rum


Structural Example: Pama Liqueur


Structural Example: FouDre Vodka