Choosing to go through a brand makeover is a serious decision. Established brands run the risk of alienating once-loyal customers and less-established brands might be changing things before they have had enough time to take effect. But that doesn’t mean that the change isn’t sometimes necessary. Brand makeovers should be done periodically to keep the brand fresh and if its market share is shrinking dramatically sometimes a dramatic change is necessary.

The Rewards!

Flowdesigns brand makeover of Master of Mixes is a good example of the rewards that can be obtained. Master of Mixes owns a premium heritage dating back to the 1950’s and serves as American Beverage Marketers primary retail brand. The owners hired Flowdesign to give the brand’s “1970’s” styling a makeover. Flowdesign carried over its ICONIC large cup photo with updated custom painted cups for each flavor and as well as the burgundy flavor band color. Flowdesign updated its brand logo and created a custom bottle shape to help it stand out from its competitors using the same stock bottle. Master of Mixes saw a 30% increase in sales after its first year of the makeover. 


Hiring the right firm to redesign your package is crucial in its success. Experience and market knowledge helps guide the design firm in all aspects of the makeover including how far the change should go.

Dan Matauch
Principal/Creative Director