Strategic Branding & Package Design Since 1997


We are a design firm specializing in brand identity and package design solutions. With our diverse experience, we have created some of the most effective and recognizable brands in the marketplace. Our packaging and marketing knowledge allows us to stretch the imagination in structure and graphics.

Our Founder

In 1997, Dan Matauch established Flowdesign, Inc., a journey marked by numerous accolades in both technical and branding design achievements. Inspired by his collegiate wrestling experience, where he served as team captain, Dan thrives on the daily challenges of new product development. At Flowdesign, our overarching goal is to craft designs that empower our clients to stand out and succeed through innovative design and marketing.

Dan earned his bachelor's degree in package design from Michigan State University and an MBA in marketing from the University of Tampa. With a diverse background encompassing roles as an illustrator, graphic artist, industrial designer, and creative director, Dan brings a wealth of expertise to Flowdesign.

Our Clients

Flowdesign serves a diverse clientele spanning industries such as alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, beer, wine, food, and other consumer goods. Our daily motivation lies in assisting start-up companies, including Black Rifle Coffee, SoBe Beverages, Honest Tea, BullDog Gin, and Pendleton Whiskey, in achieving multi-million dollar sales success through strategic brand design and marketing initiatives.

Client List:
Heaven Hill Distillers, Stoli Vodka, Piedmont Distillers, Oliver Winery, Lucky Seven Spirits, 28 Mile Distillers, Six Mile Ordinary, Coors Brewery, Pepsi, Coke, Honest Tea Beverages, Bozeman Distillery, Palisades Spirits, Buffalo City Distillery, Five Points Distilling, SolSummit Winery, Griffin Claw Brewery, New Holland Brewery, Black Rifle Coffee, Isidro Bordas, Joseph Cellars Winery, St. Augustine Distillery, City Gate Spirits, Old Forge Distillery, Tennessee Hills Distillery, Coal Pick Distillery, Protochol Beverages, Wind Hill Distillery, Fire Brand Spirits, Towne Club Soda, IslandJon Vodka, Altru Beverages, American Barrels Whiskey, Premium Waters, Billionaires Row, Bridgford Foods, American Born Moonshine, Ewing Young Distillery, Kensington Confections, Hood River Distillers, Royal Elite Vodka, Bulldog Gin, Evamor Water, Punati Chemical Company, Two James Spirits, Hawaii Volcanic water, Vavoom Vodka, Godiva, Varela Hermanos, Bloom City Club, Fou-dré Vodka, Bawls Energy, Failte Vodka, Thanasi Foods, Peet’s Coffee, Buddies Foods, Professional Concessions Inc., Café Soluble, Pioneer Foods, Monster Energy Co., Hansen’s Beverage, Suriname Alcoholic beverages, Luca Mariano Distillery, Greenbar Distillery, Piramal Glass USA, Liquor Bottle Packaging, Anchor Hocking Co., Sovereign Brands, Western Spirits, Fresh Brew, Korbel, Castle Brands, Davids Natural Toothpaste, Saxco International, Angostura, Vegas Baby Spirits, Dancing Goat Distillery, Oceanside Distillery, The Spirits Group, Fountana Beverages, Denny Bar Company, Craft House Cocktails, Unity Vibrations, Mountain Valley Spring Water, Perfetti Van Melle – Mentos, Kevita Beverage, Kars Peanuts, Blue Chair Bay Rum, Old Orchard Beverages, Orval Kent, Blue Ice Vodka, Hawaii Sea Spirits, Leggett & Platt, St. Julian Winery, Williams Sonoma, Denali Spirits, Glacier Distilling

Dan Matauch - Principal/Creative Director

The Meaning Behind Flow

In the state of flow, the self dissolves, paving the way for heightened creativity. Pushing beyond conventional limits, the mind explores uncharted territories, fostering the development of innovative ideas. The pinnacle of creativity often emerges when the mind is stretched to its fullest capacity.