After learning Francesco’s family story and his desired brand positioning, we decided it would be best to give his packaging the look of modern day whiskey with an Italian flare. The Old Americana bottle design features the Luca Mariano brand logo embossed on the front along with “V” cuts on the base. The neck band is a leather strap with a debossed “LM” logo and a gold snap that features a custom illustration of Francesco’s son, Luca. An embossment of Francesco’s family crest is displayed prominently on the upper backside of the bottle. These signature elements will be carried over to all future Luca Mariano Distillery products to ensure consistent branding across the family of products.

In June of 2019, Francesco will be releasing another whiskey, called Luca Mariano Rye. Next year, Francesco will be releasing yet another whiskey – his Signature bourbon. “But rest assured, these whiskeys are not all alike, they use different recipes and possess individually unique characteristics.” says Dan Matauch, principal of Flowdesign.