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28 Mile Vodka Co.

Startup distillery and cocktail lounge, 28 mile Vodka Co., is steeped in local Prohibition lore. The distillery’s speak-easy feel is a nod to female master distiller and spirits distributor, Rose Miller, who learned to make gin and vodka from her father. She eluded authorities during Prohibition and her story is now being told by brothers Eric and Gregg Falberg.

The brothers bought and rehabbed a run-down building at 454 Sheridan Road that was once home to a linen company. While “28 Mile Vodka” refers to the distillery’s distance from downtown Chicago, the name also alludes to Rose’s prohibition-era enterprise. The batch numbers of her spirits always started with a two and an eight, and was believed to be a sly reference to the operation’s distance from Chicago.

“When we got all the history of Rose Miller, what she was doing and how she was producing the vodka, we made some alterations in order to come up with one of the finest vodkas in the market,” Eric Falberg said. According to Gregg Falberg, the vodka is so smooth it’s easy to drink straight up and the taste disappears in a mixed cocktail.

In The Details

“After learning about Rose Miller’s story and venue, we crafted a brand logo and graphics for the vodka bottle that would be a catalyst for the entire distillery. The bottle has a 360 degree art deco pattern screen printed in white along with an illustration and font that help tell the story. We then helped 28 Mile Vodka carry the branding into the distillery’s décor, swag, menus, etc.” says Dan Matauch, principal of Flowdesign.