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Bloom City Group – TreeTown

Brand Design

TreeTown THC Gummies - Cocktail Line

The Bloom City Group is a vertically integrated cannabis company with locations throughout Michigan. It specializes in producing edibles under its TreeTown brand, like brownies, gummies, and cookies as well as tinctures, capsules and its trademarked CannaMelt.

Brand Redesign - Before and After

In 2021, the State of Michigan presented new package regulations. Producers of THC products have to change design elements on all its packaging in order to not attract minors. The before and after design samples show how Flowdesign removed the fruit elements and focused on background elements to depict flavor and mood.


Flowdesign developed a new brand line extension for the TreeTown brand called “Savories”.


Flowdesign redesigned TreeTown’s tincture product line to help consumers identify each tincture type.