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Hood River Distillers

Pendelton Whisky 1910

liquor bottle design

Successful Start-Up

Pendleton 1910 grow year after year nationally since its inception. In 2018 Pendleton Whisky was sold for $205 Million to Jose Cuervo.


Flowdesign develops brand names that involve considering your target audience, industry, and brand positioning. The name Pendleton 1910 harkens back to the year when the Pendleton rodeo began.

Custom Bottle Design

An effective bottle design should consider several important factors, including aesthetics, functionality, and brand identity. Consider the overall shape of the bottle, which can influence brand recognition and consumer appeal. Unique and distinctive bottle shapes can help the product stand out on store shelves and attract customers.

Custom Label and Carton Design

Creating an effective label design requires careful consideration of several factors, including clarity, legibility, visual appeal, and brand consistency. With our experience, we can incorporate a well-designed label that reflects the brand identity and complements the overall aesthetics of the bottle. Once the branding was finished then it was carried over to the carton.